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  • I like the yeah if jus

    Jane & MiggyJane & Miggy13 soat oldin
  • they used ipad that have like pens i think

    Kimberly MulyadiKimberly Mulyadi23 soat oldin
  • I like it

    Gabriel CisnerosGabriel CisnerosKun oldin
  • i love it and im making rocky a edit rn lol

    ꧁Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie꧂꧁Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie꧂Kun oldin
  • Marinette is actually not a Disney princess but a superhero, and I know that because I watch the show. But she’s kind of a princess thou😁

    Hannah YdstebøHannah YdstebøKun oldin
  • I was confused why he said She’s a whole new girllllll when it was Ariel because it’s from Aladdin the song A whole newwwww worldddd

    Bella CulpepperBella CulpepperKun oldin
  • Go to tik tok Irish she does miraculous ladybug glow up

    Bojana Dos SantosBojana Dos SantosKun oldin
  • It’s a whole new thicccc

    Arianna ChannelArianna ChannelKun oldin
  • Soo...Marinette is a princess?

    • ̇ ̆ ̇KawaiiUnknownChan ̇ ̆ ̇•• ̇ ̆ ̇KawaiiUnknownChan ̇ ̆ ̇•Kun oldin
  • I love linky box

    Jody BirdJody Bird2 kun oldin
  • Congrats to who ever found this comment early

    Shanon LungerShanon Lunger2 kun oldin
  • Miraculous M-A-R-A-C-U-L-A-s

    ᗪIᗰOᑎᗪ ᒪYᒪᗩᗪIᗰOᑎᗪ ᒪYᒪᗩ2 kun oldin
  • its a ipade i have this app and its called procreate and i made one of this but i didint make a video

    sara sturgeonsara sturgeon2 kun oldin
  • I have foxy and boxy in roblox

    Sal NovoaSal Novoa2 kun oldin
  • The app they are using for most of the art is Ibis paint x

    Aaradhya AttaluriAaradhya Attaluri2 kun oldin
  • 1. Ccv

    Gautam MakwanaGautam Makwana2 kun oldin
  • Idk how the FUCK they found the glow UPS the fuck

    Moises RosalesMoises Rosales2 kun oldin
  • I love MARINETTE

    Ashley TurnerAshley Turner2 kun oldin
  • Tytfg

    Elysha TanElysha Tan2 kun oldin

    Fion LimFion Lim2 kun oldin
  • i know miracoules

    Bunmi oBunmi o3 kun oldin
  • Why Gacha Life Wthat

  • Marinette isn't a Disney Princess, but she's from Paris.

    Milz TuilomaMilz Tuiloma3 kun oldin
  • The app is procreate and it’s on iPad 6 and u need Apple Pencil to do it Think that’s it

    Mochiplays YTMochiplays YT3 kun oldin
  • I do glow ups every time its actually easy and fun

    Shanessa PaulShanessa Paul3 kun oldin
  • E - girl

    sheena Pinalvasheena Pinalva4 kun oldin
  • marinette isnt a princess shes a girl that likes a boy adrien hes a son of a rich person named gaberil agreset and marinette is the daughter of two bakers who own a bakery with the house on top

    Megan woodMegan wood4 kun oldin
  • Marinette miracoules: Marinette/Ladybug from Miraculous Ladybug (Did I spell that right?)

    Zia & Kae ChicoZia & Kae Chico4 kun oldin
  • BRHU

    Taylarni Fernando - DoolanTaylarni Fernando - Doolan4 kun oldin
  • It's miraculous ladybug

    ZITRO 503ZITRO 5035 kun oldin
  • Whe njustin got the word (miraculous) ITS miraculous lady bug

    Madeleine Earl GrayMadeleine Earl Gray5 kun oldin
  • 6:55 my fav

    rubena akhtarrubena akhtar6 kun oldin
  • and i alway say bruh becuz of Adem

    cyrille derramascyrille derramas6 kun oldin
  • I am wearing your wunzy

    Matthew HessMatthew Hess6 kun oldin
  • Jane's glow up was incredible!

    Divya PDivya P6 kun oldin
  • 5:55 It's Rapunzel from tangled

    Divya PDivya P6 kun oldin
  • It’s Tinker Bell 😉

    Ebonie StelfoxEbonie Stelfox6 kun oldin
  • I meant she

    Ebonie StelfoxEbonie Stelfox6 kun oldin
  • He is called miraculous for Mike this movie what are used to watch so yeah

    Ebonie StelfoxEbonie Stelfox6 kun oldin

    Kazan FoodstuffKazan Foodstuff7 kun oldin
  • Elsa look like Soyeon from G-IDLE ;-;

    Emma LmEmma Lm7 kun oldin
  • 🦁🐝🦁🐝🐝🦁🐝🦁🐝🦁🐝🐞🐆🐞🐆

    LucidOnEggsLucidOnEggs8 kun oldin
  • 🦊🐱🦊🐱🦊🐱🦊🐱🦊🐱🦊🐱🦊🦁🐝🦁🐝🦁🐝🦁🐝

    LucidOnEggsLucidOnEggs8 kun oldin
  • Wow i love Elsa glow up Is so pretty 😍

    Aleena RahmanAleena Rahman8 kun oldin
  • Jeez lanky stole s sniperwolfs thumbnail

    DragonBargo 69DragonBargo 698 kun oldin
  • hi Lanky Box

    Della NealDella Neal8 kun oldin
  • I love Elsa she is cool🔮

    AnanyaAnanya8 kun oldin
  • btw the app is procreate its 9.99 (its not photoshop)

    ꧁Chip꧂꧁Chip꧂8 kun oldin
  • Who’s scar ?????

    Huma TurkHuma Turk8 kun oldin
  • It’s actually tinker bell but I haven’t seen tinker bell

    Huma TurkHuma Turk8 kun oldin
  • I don’t know. A lot of those characters

    Huma TurkHuma Turk8 kun oldin
  • The girl with blue hair was marinette

    Joana Marie BolecheJoana Marie Boleche8 kun oldin
  • It's not photoshop its procreate pocket on iOS and cost money

    hxjflttshxjfltts8 kun oldin
  • Hi lankybox lol OK XD tower craft in sky

    ruvruv8 kun oldin
  • Elsa🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😎😎❤️

    Allie JohnsonAllie Johnson8 kun oldin
  • I like Elsa 🥶❄️☃️

    Angela LaiAngela Lai9 kun oldin
  • who likes cats or dog l lip cats

    Makayla BrownMakayla Brown9 kun oldin
  • Its not a princess its a cartoon called miraculous ladybug thats marionette and she is ladybug aka a super hero

    Reynaldo AguhoReynaldo Aguho9 kun oldin
  • Adem or justie stop puseing

    CADS SarmientoCADS Sarmiento9 kun oldin
  • Vannelo Eillish Could Be In The 0:14 Seconds Of The Vid :/

    Lord Juan G. MalingLord Juan G. Maling9 kun oldin
  • Tom and Jerry

    Maria PadillaMaria Padilla10 kun oldin
  • its a bad girl

    Angela LinAngela Lin10 kun oldin
  • The villain was Cinderella‘s step mom

    Super Duper magical ChambersSuper Duper magical Chambers10 kun oldin
  • justin stop rubing foxy's face 😂LOL

    Ana LozanoAna Lozano10 kun oldin
    • 1:03

      Ana LozanoAna Lozano10 kun oldin
  • Hi lankybox

    Archana cArchana c10 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Lisa GaryLisa Gary11 kun oldin
  • Maybe every princess they turn them into hot babes Me: ( ✌︎'ω')✌︎ f--- this sh## I'm out no thanks

    Virgilio AlegadoVirgilio Alegado11 kun oldin
    • I'm not a hater

      Virgilio AlegadoVirgilio Alegado11 kun oldin
  • Wait did u copy azzylands thumbnail cause I just looked and iys very simular

    Meh dog RulezMeh dog Rulez11 kun oldin
  • It is not a movie it is a show mannette I do not know how to spell her name she is a herooooo okkkkkk

    Jennifer MonzonJennifer Monzon11 kun oldin
  • If anyone wants to know what app these people are using it's called "Procreate" but, unfortunately, it's not for free... i hope u guys can get it and make wonderful glow-ups, art, etc...

    SaraPlayzSaraPlayz11 kun oldin
  • its an ipad with an apple pencil justin.

    shine eshine e11 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Lupita RodriguezLupita Rodriguez12 kun oldin
  • Eat some chicken 🍗

    LoverPanda TLoverPanda T12 kun oldin
  • Ooh La La

    LoverPanda TLoverPanda T12 kun oldin
  • Y ou brother ,boyfriends or best friends ?

    Djamila AssiDjamila Assi12 kun oldin
  • It's called twinkle Bell

    Dylan SinghDylan Singh12 kun oldin
  • My name is Ryan

    Judy AlkhafajiJudy Alkhafaji12 kun oldin
  • 👉🏼👈🏼can I be your friend 👉🏼👈🏼

    emma blandemma bland12 kun oldin
  • Wut venelo-billie eillish it should be villie eillish yooo(7:13)

    RaniRifat07RaniRifat0712 kun oldin
  • Kids don't know how much they are doing this

    Yip EthanYip Ethan12 kun oldin
  • Can I have a shout out

    Adriana MuñozAdriana Muñoz13 kun oldin
  • i like the elsa one and the marrinette one from miracoules ladybug

    Nica AguinaldoNica Aguinaldo13 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Harry DiepHarry Diep14 kun oldin
  • The app is called procreate/procreate pocket and yes this is on iPad

    Aljoharah AltamimiAljoharah Altamimi14 kun oldin
  • My talent is art and roller skating

    Eva StarEva Star14 kun oldin
  • Best video

    Eileen /Zoe SiyEileen /Zoe Siy14 kun oldin
  • Lankybox is Tha best

    Eileen /Zoe SiyEileen /Zoe Siy14 kun oldin
  • I love lankybox

    Eileen /Zoe SiyEileen /Zoe Siy14 kun oldin
  • Marintt e is from ladybug and cat noir

    Louise SmithLouise Smith14 kun oldin

    Aesthetic VideosAesthetic Videos14 kun oldin
  • "She can be a tiktoker" Me: *goes on tiktok and finds her acc*

    cupcakelizzy21cupcakelizzy2114 kun oldin
  • Jane look like Justin💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Matilda AnderssonMatilda Andersson14 kun oldin
  • Th app is called procreate

    ZZstudioZZstudio14 kun oldin
  • My dog Landed eggs

    Kat HernandezKat Hernandez15 kun oldin
  • I lava lankyfam+lankybox!!!!!!!!!!

    Jagwant GillJagwant Gill15 kun oldin
  • Elsa

    jyoti singhjyoti singh15 kun oldin
  • At let’s rock I was laughing of his reaction

    Parrish TurnerParrish Turner15 kun oldin
  • Xd my mum got purple hair

    Gabrielle WilsonGabrielle Wilson15 kun oldin
  • justin: idk how the pricesess looked like before. me: she is not a pricesess she is a superhero.

    Sofie Grøvdal SkomsøSofie Grøvdal Skomsø15 kun oldin
  • Vanellapie more like- VANELLA-EILLISH AYYYYYY

    Warren WattsWarren Watts15 kun oldin